Retrofit Double Glazing

Snug in Winter, cool in Summer.
Retrofit your existing windows.

Whether you have old wooden windows or single glazed aluminium, Winstone Glass can double glaze your existing home without replacing entire windows. It’s quick, easy and hassle free.

So why double glaze?

It keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, making sure your greatest asset – your home, remains just that. Up to 30% of households heating and cooling efforts are lost through standard glass windows. With double glazing your home will be more energy efficient. Double glazing can reduce heat loss by over 70%.

How does it work?

Double glazing is a process that spaces 2 panes of glass 6 –12mm apart and fills the void with ambient air or an insulating gas. This void then reduces the amount of cool air entering the house and limits the hot air escaping. Like a walk in the park, a dinner out or a visit to the cafe –  2 is always better then 1. By trapping the air or gas in the middle, heating, cooling or noise transfer is significantly inhibited by the gap between the panes. Low E and Argon gas can reduce heat loss by  around 70% while standard IGU will reduce loss by around 50%. Single glazing is basically ineffective with heat retention of about 1%.

You’d be surprised where the heat goes

Even if your home is modern and well insulated you could still be losing up to half your heat through single glazed windows.  You’ll enhance the resale value of your home, reduce the need for thermal drapes, stop interior fading and  lessen outside noise.

With over 100 years of experience our retrofitting process is simple and easy.

After consultation with you, we will provide a free measure of all your existing windows to supply a no obligation, free quote. After acceptance we will re-measure and manufacture your windows. We’ll then arrange a time suitable to install. You’re done! Contact us Today