Here’s looking at you

With careful placement of a custom mirror, even the smallest room in the home can suddenly feel the most expansive. Whether you’re after bathroom mirrors or something for any other room, mirrors can certainly make an impressive difference.

With our expertise we can help tailor a solution to maximise space and keep to a budget, rather then being purely functional. With a bit of imagination a well placed mirror can do so much more –  they help create light, opening up a space and adding overall value to your and home and environment.

A customised solution

Every home is different, we can provide mirrors with a frameless edge, an ornate border, a bevelled corner or something customised to create a look that fits your style.

Our craftsmen can also colour match mirrors to existing decor. Talk to us today and we’ll come out and measure for free and get you a quote to begin the process. If you’re after a custom mirror solution, then Winstone Glass will be able to help.