About Us

William Winstone –  it’s where it all began.

The origins of Winstone Glass started yonks ago with William Winstone. He was born in Barron Gurney, Somerset, in 1843, the son of a farmer. He sailed to New Zealand on the Spray of the Ocean, arriving at Auckland in September 1859 with only 30 shillings (which he shared with a shipmate) and took whatever work he could get – mainly farm labouring.

By 1864, just five years after his arrival in New Zealand, he had enough savings to buy his own horse and cart. He began a one-man business as a ‘coal merchant and carrier’ on the waterfront and streets of Auckland. Initially, he seems to have secured coal supplies from the Waikato region through his military connections; this became an important part of his business –  and from there we’ve grown to what we are today; a leading glass installation and repair company.

Our Timeline

1985 Winstone Ltd merged the operations of Odlins Glass and Auckland Glass under the Winstone Glass name, becoming a national chain
1988 The Winstone Group, having been acquired by Brierley Investments, was sold to Fletcher Challenge Ltd
1989 Winstone Glass was sold by Fletcher Challenge to Pilkington NZ Ltd
1996 Winstone Glass was merged with the trading activities of Smith & Smith Glass (also owned by Pilkington), and traded under the S&S brand
1999 Winstone Glass relaunched in Auckland with three branches, and sought other branches and territories
2004 Winstone Glass relaunched the Winstone Autoglass arm of the company.
2005 Winstone Glass purchased Autoglass, Anzium and Pacific Windscreen companies to enlarge their Winstone Autoglass division.
Today Winstone Glass operates from multiple branches and authorised agents located throughout New Zealand.